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Welcome to ABA
Welcome to ABA
Welcome to ABA


We found the best ski and snowboard location on the planet, added a crew consisting of the most qualified guides in the industry and created affordable, flexible packages to fit any budget.

Alaska Backcountry Adventures
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If you don't find an answer after perusing our website and checking our FAQ's page, try the Discussion Board on our Facebook page. Still need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us as we pride ourselves in personal communications and look forward to customizing your experience.



Having those "white" dreams again? Can't wait for the first faceshot of the season to get rid of the off-season shakes? Make this the year you realize that pact you made with your best friend to go heliskiing in Alaska. You've seen the've heard the it's time to live the dream.


Experienced groups and film crews looking to maximize vertical or check off a list of the big hits should contact us today to reserve a private ship for the 2013 season as the prime weeks always fill up fast.


Join our online community of previous guests and knowledgeable guides to get the insider lowdown on everything you need to know about heliskiing in Alaska. To encourage quality posts, we are giving away ABA t-shirts to the best photos and videos from our past customers.

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